Growing Your Business – 3 Strategies

  1. Creating Community

Create an offer that encourages other like-minded people into a “community.” When you create community, your business growth becomes driven by the desire to be part of the community by non-customers.

  1. Being Socially Conscious

Value-innovation that connects to the greater good within the fabric of your community. An example maybe to charge an entrance fee to a class or event and donate the proceeds to a local charity or group that is engaged in community improvement projects.  Doing so deepens the drive and connection that everyone has to the business.

  1. Focusing on Superior Service

The objective here is to go beyond great customer service by having clients, community, and employees feel as if they are receiving service from a best buddy or friend.

What additional strategies have you tried in growing your business?  I am genuinely interested.

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Listening Skills – Are you Paying Attention?

Listening Skills – Are you Paying Attention?

When asked most managers and business people would say that they listen well and would probably be able to repeat what has been said verbatim.  The question becomes is that what true listening is?  From my perspective that is not quite what listening is.

Listening only occurs when you are present to the person doing the speaking.  Distraction is common when people think they are listening and includes the following:

  • Being in your head preparing a response;
  • Eager to speak so that you are able to show that they’re wrong or that you disagree;
  • Having an emotional response to what they’re saying;
  • Putting together your shopping list instead of listening openly.

Pay attention to what you are thinking about when you are listening.  People are able to sense when you are authentically being present when they are speaking. Track your results. Let me know what happens.  I am genuinely interested.

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