When a “Blue” Monday Turns into a “Blue” Week

Many HR professionals describe the 3rd Monday in January as the gloomiest day of the year.  The January slump seems to be in place and it takes more than a day to get over it.  Typically productivity in most office situations slows down in December.  That tends to run over into January.

Suggestions to tackle the productivity aspect include providing a psychological boost for employees.  That can be as simple as scheduling productivity targets for January before the holiday season.  It may be that employees are given the option of leaving early for achieving goals.  Another idea is to provide incentives to employees for creative suggestions to get over the slump factor.

Clearly it is a matter of taking a different approach from the usual day-to-day operations.  What have you tried in your business that has worked?

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Addressing Resistance to Taking Action

Like most people there are those items in my day-to-day life that bring up resistance.   A few people – Mel Robinson, and Stephen Guise talk about using a countdown method for starting off their day.  Both use the method when challenged or confronted by resistance.

A night person by nature – getting out of bed in the morning is one of most common resistance factors for me.  I have tried the countdown method and find that before the number 5 is reached I am out of bed.

Recently I have taken to utilizing the method when fear – always the underlying factor behind resistance – shows up for business related activities.  Recently at a networking event the countdown method worked wonderfully, I actually walked away with new connections and enjoyed myself.

It is a method that I am working on incorporating when I feel stuck or catch myself putting off what needs to be done.

Try it – you may be surprised by the results.

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Experiencing Vulnerability in Business

The start of a new project often brings the pangs of fear, and the question in front of you may be why did you agree to do this now?  The answer is of course that when you embarked on this new project it seemed like a good idea at the time.

That was then and this is now.  With a fast approaching deadline sand limited resources the foundation for the project which seemed so solid just a few weeks ago appears to be on shaky ground.  It may have you questioning whether you want to go through with it or simply back out now and save face.

Encompassing being vulnerable may be beneficial.  It often provides an opportunity for you to utilize resources that you now possess in spades which may have been missing before.  For example you are likely to have a better intellectual grasp of situations than in the past.  It is also quite likely that you are more assertive, have greater resilience and self-esteem than you had previously.

It may be time to embrace the vulnerability being experienced and work with it.  It will certainly add to overall sense of personal power.  At the very least you may find accomplishment of your goals much easier.

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Complacency is it stifling your creativity?

This morning – which did you wake up with – a feeling of being ready to go and tackle the list of items to accomplish?  Or – taking my time easing into the day – nothing is pressing it is just another Monday with the usual things going on?  Like many the latter bites me every so often and I notice that I have given a few hours over to being stuck in a complacent rut.

Complacency for me is a mask for fear.  It is surprising the many masks that fears dons especially when I am in the midst of launching a new service or engaging with new clients.  Fear stops me from being creative, from taking the steps that need to be taken, and from being courageous enough to actually launch what I am working on.

Fear has many masks in business.  Another form it takes is in putting off doing what needs to be done.  Yes procrastination is resistance and resistance in turn is fear.

Are you willing to put yourself and your livelihood on the line to face fear directly and take the action you have been avoiding?  If not – why not?  If yes – the courage for doing so will likely provide you with countless new opportunities and unprecedented rewards.

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Grit and the Art of Staying with It

At work and home most of us lead fast paced lives that require a certain level of commitment. For myself before the day is complete at the office or on an assignment I need to spend 10 minutes at least prioritizing the areas that need to be addressed the next day. That gives me a sense of completion. It allows me to be able to move from work mode to home mode. At home there are inevitably several areas that require and need my attention. I use the same practice of writing down the areas that need to be addressed the next day just before getting ready for a good night’s sleep. In my experience being well rested is crucial to maintain the pace of life and my physical well-being.

Grit is that determination and passion that fuels me through the rough spots or the maze of a work and home day. Having grit is really the art of staying with something to have it come to fruition. Staying the course in the midst of a change management process has brought the importance of grit home to me. Giving in to circumstances that do not align with the project and the expressed purpose of the change does not serve.

When challenged or confronted by difficult circumstances or people I rely on grit to kick in and carry me through.  The truth is that it has done so whatever the challenge has been.

Where does grit show up for you?

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Elements for Success

The following are aspects that lead to success in business and in life.

  1. Turn Struggles Into Opportunities
  2. Always Learning
  3. Perseverance
  4. Carving Your Own Path
  5. Persuasion and Negotiation

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