The Wisdom and Power of Women – Regina, Saturday, Sept 16/17 –



Be prepared for:

  • Four authentic and dynamic speakers;
  • Shopping gallery of unique and one of a kind vendors;
  • Being entertained;
  • Being a prize winner;
  • Being looked after;
  • Being engaged in accessing new levels of wisdom and power.

Have you noticed that there seems to be a lot of active change going on in the world right now? If you are like many women you know that change is everywhere and occurring with great rapidity whether you are personally ready for it or not.

Spend a few hours listening and learning about accessing deeper levels of your own wisdom and power. By doing so, you will gain the benefit, of enhancing your ability to cope with change. You will be providing a place for yourself to be centered in the midst of the ever changing landscape in front of you.

Brenda Fedorchuk

Bestselling Author, Inspirational Strategist for Personal Mastery, heads up our speakers list. Brenda will be talking about accessing and maintaining personal power in the face of whatever situation is in front of you. In listening to Brenda you will appreciate her humour and gentle call to action.

Rachelle Roberts

Green Clean Life Champion will follow with a talk on the importance of achieving and maintaining your well-being. Wellness is critical in the midst of change and finding ways to maximize that is central to being in your power. Rachelle is quick witted and will engage you in taking steps toward your well-being.

Ilse Pretorius

Image Consultant and guru of feeling good from the inside out follows and will be speaking about her own personal journey to wisdom. Ilse has a dynamic presence that will assist you in uncovering the wisdom within yourself. She is also a transparent and disarming person who will have you wanting to put your best foot forward.

Marie-Helene Sakowski

Business Change Agent rounds out the speakers list. Marie-Helene will be focusing on the importance of developing your personal influence and wisdom in your work and personal life alike. She will share her own path to influence and wisdom. An engaging, funny and often irreverent speaker her talk will likely stir you to action in ways that may surprise you.