Leadership In Life

People often look to leaders of multi-national and financial corporations for motivation and perhaps even inspiration. Many of these individuals hold considerable sway and influence in the business and personal lives of the people that follow them.

I would encourage those who are employed and those who are currently looking for new opportunities to consider the aspirational aspects of leadership from another perspective- that of seeing each of you as a leader in your work and personal life.

Consider where in your life you play a significant role in shaping current or future leaders or where you bring strong leadership components to your day-to-day activities.

In terms of your connections where are you playing a significant role in ensuring that those around you have a voice that is being heard by managers or others in your community? What activities are you engaging in that empower and support your colleagues or friends? Where are taking action to leverage your knowledge and expertise in your daily life? In what way are you shaping your community and or business through your vision and action? All of these areas model leaders and leadership. All of these make a difference daily.

In answering the above questions you are expressing your leadership abilities and traits. It may be time to embrace your own inner leadership guru and model your behavior for others to encourage the active leader in all of us whatever we may be doing. You are in a better position to motivate and maybe even inspire those around you when you represent leadership from an everyday perspective. In doing that you are certainly being a leader that is standing for positive change. Now that is a moniker to live into!

Marie-Helene Sakowski
Business Consultant SME’s

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