5 Steps in a Change Management Journey

It occurs to me that we as a global community are embarking on a journey of change management and leadership where traits from each area overlap and offer a way to move forward with initiatives.  As a leader you may for example be involved in several initiatives that require change in your business or organization. As you navigate your way through the change process you will likely benefit from some key leadership traits.

First be purposeful.

Having those impacted by the changes involved in purposeful and productive activity is essential for the initiative to have traction and be successful.

Second have the changes have meaning.

Take the time to communicate at every level of your business and organization how the change will likely impact day-to-day operations and the intended benefits associated with the change.  Be clear that unintended consequences are also likely and these will be addressed as they are identified.

Third keep it simple.

Introduce one change at a time and reinforce the change throughout the business or organization ensuring it is taking place and having the desired outcomes.

Fourth recognize the success.

Congratulate your team and the employees impacted by the changes on the success of the process.  Recognize each individual for the work that has been done.

Fifth follow-up on the feedback and track what needs improvement.

Have a feedback process in your change management initiatives and track and change what needs to be improved.  Remember that for change to stick it must be viable and desirable.


Marie-Helene Sakowski

Business Consultant SME’s

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