Trending Change or Is It?

In my consulting practice the top trends are:

  1. Focus on the client.

Tailoring my service offering to the client needs and staying focused on what is important to the client in the midst of competing demands and a cacophony of voices.  Staying the course is a virtue especially when the client is looking for a quick fix to a long standing issue.  Being authentic and letting the client know a quick fix may not be the solution while maintaining open lines of communication and being transparent throughout a process is a top priority.

  1. Sharing of information.

Being clear in all communication is critical.  Sharing communication on various platforms is important for all levels of the organization to be up to date and informed.

  1. Showing appreciation and giving thanks.

Thanking those who are working with me on a project or initiative and appreciating that they are doing so on top of their days-to-day work is important.  All of us require thanks and appreciation that is genuine and sincere.

From my perspective the top trends in any given time period need to include the ones shared here for a successful outcome on any project.

Marie-Helene Sakowski

Business Consultant SME’s


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