#unstoppablewomanyxe 3 Phrases Used Are Reason Enough to Register for “The Power of an Unstoppable Woman”

Man or woman the way we speak impacts our lives.  Words do have power.  As this post is about women – I will focus on 3 phrases that many women use that are dis-empowering.

  1. I’m Sorry

A confident woman readily admits when she has made a mistake and apologies when appropriate.  The phrase “I am sorry” implies feelings of not being adequate or inferior.

  1. I’m Worried

Over use of the phrase indicates a focus on what may never happen at best and at worst a focus on the catastrophic for little or no apparent reason.  Worry is an indication of focusing on negative outcomes without provocation.

  1. I Hate to Bother You…

When you use this phrase you give away your power to another person.  You let someone else have control.

The seminar “The Power of an Unstoppable Woman” provides the tools for you to own and keep your power.  Join us in Saskatoon as 3 powerful women provide tips, pointers and follow-up for your to be confident and powerful in your daily life.

Register at https://www.picatic.com/event14830449865746.

Marie-Helene Sakowski, Business Consultant SME’s, info@effectiveplacement.com

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