3 Life Lessons to Adhere to at Work

I recently read an article by a business man in New York who advocates a 95 hour week.  As to burn out he claims as long as you are having fun and meeting your goals you will not burn out. His schedule allows for 73 hour a week to eat, sleep, spend time with your significant other, and family.

Contrast that with another CEO of a successful company who claims that working 30 hours a week is plenty.  Clearly these are two very different points of view with each claiming a high degree of success.

For me the importance is to stick to the following when working and being flexible enough to get what needs to accomplished done in a timely fashion.  From my experience completion offers renewal and renewal allows for me to enjoy all aspects of lie including time away from work.

  1. Manage my wellbeing.

Taking time to replenish and renew is a priority.  Going to work in an office full of sick people and recycling colds and flu like symptoms is not a winning formula.  Stay home when ill – heal.  Encourage co-workers to do the same.  The work will be there when you return.  Deadlines are always being renegotiated.

  1. Embrace change and diversity.

 Each of us has habits that we are grooved into.  Do something differently.  Walk to work – or ride share.  Learn something new like a different language.  Pick a different spot for lunch.  Get to know a co-worker from another culture.  Keep yourself viable by being open to change.

  1. Be social.

Put yourself out in the world.  Even if you are the quiet type find places to network where you are able to meet others.  Being social is important for many reasons with the top one being connections are helpful when facing career change.  A secondary reason is a source of support when facing changes at work. Someone you know may have excellent suggestion for overcoming challenges.

Taking the time to put these suggestions into play is a step in ensuring that you are in a place to enjoy greater happiness and fulfillment.

Marie-Helene Sakowski, Business Consultant SME’s, info@effectiveplacement.com


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