Change Managers – The First Place to Focus Your Attention on Your Project

As a change manager or change agent you know full well that the success of the overall initiative you are working on depends on having stakeholder buy-in.  Large, small or in between change is a word that is frequently dreaded in the workplace.  There is always a level of resistance present.  A level of acceptance is also present.  The true challenge is bringing on board those who are undecided.

The fence sitters typically make up about 60% of the workforce.  In my experience this 60% is where the focus of any change management initiative needs to be targeted.  Bringing about the undecided faction makes a significant difference and presents the change process with the momentum necessary to succeed.

In advance of the project kick off ensure your communication strategies are sufficiently developed to bring on those employees and managers who are sitting on the fence with a wait and see attitude.  Early demonstrations of the efficacy of the change process are important to have a higher conversion rate.  Regular feedback and town hall style meetings to share the stages of the initiative and what is working are necessary as validation for the process.  Other communication strategies are also useful and it is important to tailor the style used to the audience.  Take the time on the front end to know the demographic you are working with and deliver messages that resonate with each area.

Time spent on the pre-paving aspect will have stay ahead of the undecided quotient and allow for a productive conversion and change implementation.

Marie-Helene Sakowski, Business Consultant SME’s,