3 Ways to Keep your Personal Power on Projects

Working in HR, Operations, or Change and Project Management puts you in line for constant feedback as to what is or is not going well in your area of accountability.  Part of what you do entails empowering other people.  It is equally important to maintain your own personal base of power to boost your overall success.

Allowing others to have a negative influence over the way you think, feel, or behave robs you of your psychological and emotional strength.  It also derails the objectives and goals you have for your business and personal life.

Following are 3 tips to keep your personal power in the face of adversity or resistance.

  1. Keep your personal boundaries in place.

Often you hear more about what is not working than what is.  Avoiding resentment of those who try and take up your on issues that may or may not be important is a function of maintaining clear boundaries.  Let people know when they can air their grievances small or large.  Then hold them to that by bringing the focus back to the purpose of the meeting or discussion.

  1. Maintain Your Goals

A great many variables change during the implementation of a project or process.  It is important that you maintain the overall goals despite the changes that occur.  It may be tempting to overlook aspects relating to budget, productivity, or morale.  As the one in charge you are responsible for the outcome.  Stick to the goals as that serves everyone in the long term.

You also get to decide how to spend your time. No one forces you to go to work, see the dentist, or attend that family gathering. As an adult, you get to make the rules.

  1. Allow Others to See the Best in You

Succumbing to anger or resentment has a direct impact on the changes you are out to have happen.  Voicing concern is okay and certainly beneficial.  Be the change agent and let others bring out the best in you even when things have not gone as expected.  When you are firmly grounded in your strengths you know you are capable of addressing each situation with integrity.  That is crucial for others to see.


When people note that your mood does not center around their actions or behaviors you have a powerful impact on them.  That is where empowering others has an impact. Maintaining your personal power in the face of adversity or resistance is beyond positive thinking.  It is a commitment to yourself to having your goals accomplished despite the outside stimulus around you.


Marie-Helene Sakowski, Business Consultant SME’s, info@effectiveplacement.com