3 Assets of Contract Workers during Periods of Volatility

Many business leaders are grappling with the volatility that suggests a new normal in terms of conditions for the foreseeable future.  It seems that we are all of us are dealing with some form of change.  In business examples of extreme changes include new models of doing business such as getting around a town or a city without using a traditional cab or bus, booking a place to stay for a vacation that is not associated with a hotel or bed and breakfast, and the changing face of multinational corporations in terms of hours and location of work performed.

As the new norm it brings with it the unknown and uncertainty.  Both of these factors often add stress and strain to a current resource structure.   Addressing and having the changes be accepted frequently requires additional assistance.

Enter the change manager as a contract worker.  Contractors are an asset in that have a fresh perspective, are not tied to a particular outcome, and have the skills necessary to turn a strained or conflicted situation into an operational success.

  1. Fresh Perspective

Often those most familiar with a business whether it is product or service that is being offered are coming at the circumstance from a set perspective on the ways the business needs to operate.  A contract person has fewer inhibitions and is more likely to propose a series of solutions that are outside of the past business behavior.

  1. Focusing on an Outcome that Delivers

The contractor is focused on having processes being delivered consistently.  A fresh perspective coupled with having outcomes that in many cases surpass current business expectations is a common result.

  1. Addressing Strain and Conflict

From an outsider perceptive conflict and strain are easily identifiable.  Once identified working solutions can be implemented in relatively short order.  Resistance to change is also addressed with leaders, managers, and employees given the tools necessary to work through glitches at the systems and people levels.


Contractors are a beneficial investment of time and resources especially in relation to the challenges of ongoing change.  The true value of a business is the people who work in it.  Shorter term contractors provide invaluable assistance in addressing current and future volatility.


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