2 Ways Change Managers Influence Others at Work

Any type of leadership in today’s business climate is challenging.  There are multiple stakeholders to please including those above you and those you manage or oversee.  Enter the skill of influence.  It is an essential part of your toolkit and one that continuously needs to be honed.

Influencing others is the ability to affect and or impact the decisions, opinions or thinking of others.   In a nutshell influencing others is the ability to have them endorse and support your project or plan of action.  The stage of influencing is achieved when you have the demonstrated commitment and trust of others to carry out the proposed activities.

In working with businesses that have varied in size from 40 – 250 people where I was the consultant and did not have the authority to implement or demand change two influencing approaches worked best.

  1. Emotional Influencing

The cornerstone of this approach is developing and maintaining relationships with those that you work for and with.  Putting forth the changes or processes that you are charged with implementing becomes easier when you utilize an approach that connects with the values or goals of others.  Expressing confidence in the ability of others to undertake the changes being requested deepens the influencing process.  Appealing to the aspects of being in service and belonging to the process for others is inherent to the emotional approach.

  1. Cooperative Influencing

Garnering the support of others is reliant in part to logic with a hefty dose of cooperation thrown into the mix.  Cooperative approaches involve all hands on deck including yours.  Consulting others for their input and then implementing suggestions received builds a cooperative foundation.  It also adds to the credibility f yourself and the activities you are undertaking.

Influencing others is at the core of change management.  Take a deep look at which area of influencing you utilize with a view to expanding your skills to augment your style.

Solo and Small Biz Change Agent, Marie-Helene Sakowski at info@effectiveplacement.com.