Transparency and Telling It Like It Is

As mentioned the other day I advocate and practice transparency.  Telling it like it is to employees, colleagues, client is another matter and one that I would discourage.  It may be tempting to bare your souls as it were to the people you associate with.  My reasoning for stating this is based on the work of Brene Brown particularly in the area of vulnerability.

Ms. Brown reminds us all that being vulnerable and transparent is well and good with a caveat.  When we share and tell people without discernment our complete circumstances we are not being responsible.  Sharing details of your business to a broad audience of people does not take into consideration the ability of that group or individuals within the group to actually hold or carry that detail you have shared with them.

Go ahead and be transparent – focus on what is applicable to have a level playing field for your colleagues or employees.  Save the deeper sharing of your turmoil for an audience that is able to manage the information easily and without additional stress.  When we share our fears, failures, or misfortunes widely we do a disservice to ourselves and others.

What experiences have you had in transparency versus telling it like it is?

Solo and Small Biz Change Agent, Marie-Helene Sakowski at