Signs the Change Management Initiative You Are Implementing is Working

Being on the forefront of change within a business setting is like living on the cutting edge of a new identity that has not quite yet completed its morphing into the next best thing.  At best the process is in a cocooning phase that is followed by the metamorphosis into a different mode of operating. You know you are on the right track when you have:

  1. Clarity about where you are headed and buy in from stakeholders.
  2. The team working with you are engaged and completing their accountabilities.
  3. Recommendations from employees are encouraged and implemented when and where it is feasible to do so. Further to that when it is not possible to implement a recommendation the reasons for the decision are articulated and shared.
  4. Employees and managers alike feel valued and part of the process because they have a say and they appreciate the investment of taking their feedback seriously.

It takes courage and commitment to keep the momentum in a change initiative moving forward.  It may not always be easy so enjoy it when it is.

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