Procrastination Is Good for Creativity

Most of us have come to believe that procrastination is not good for us or our business.   Adam Grant author of “Originals – How Non-Conformists Move the World” has a different point of view.   He asserts procrastination is often a good thing especially when it comes to creativity.  From a productivity point of view procrastination may not be beneficial.

Another author Nancy Morris a Canadian Management Consultant has written a book “Procrastinate Now – Rethinking Time Management”.  Nancy also asserts that procrastination has a non-deserved bad rap. Time for pausing and re-evaluation of projects is important.  Waiting for the right time to launch a new project or initiative gives you the opportunity to re-access, tweak and enhance for an improved launch.

What are you working on that requires creativity and that has you pause in the middle of a project and re-evaluate?

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