Reasons for Small Business to Have a Code of Conduct

Large, small, or somewhere in between does your business have a code of conduct in place?  From a small business point of view it may superfluous to even bother with having one in place.  You and your employees are likely working flat out to be visible and sell your product or service.

As a small business it is necessary to have a code of conduct in place for the growth and longevity of the enterprise.  This applies to family owned businesses as well.

  1. Having a code of conduct in place articulates the ethics that as a business owner you expect of people in your employment.
  2. It provides a blue print for addressing conflict.
  3. Involving employees in the creation of the code allows for buy in and cooperation within the business.
  4. It sets out the parameters for clear decision making by the employees.

Working with small businesses that have a code of conduct in place provides for a positive work environment and a general attitude of cooperative of cooperation.  The investment of time on the front end to develop one saves countless hours and disputes over time.

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