Organizational Development – Core Aspects

Businesses whether small, mid-sized large or sole practitioners need to go through a process of re-alignment and change to continue to be relevant.  Crucial to the change process is the investment into HR as a pivotal component in the organizational development process.   Companies that do not a have dedicated HR function are missing out on having someone who is the champion for the change and who is committed to bringing employees on-board.

There are many aspects to organizational development and the role of HR within each.  The focus here is on 5 core areas.

  1. Employee Engagement

A business that is in the process of re-branding or changing the scope of work activities needs to ensure that the employees are engaged.  HR is the catalyst for having that engagement happen through working with teams, and individuals addressing the issues arising.

  1. Talent Management

Every business needs to do its best to provide opportunities for employees to learn new skills and become engaged in new processes.  HR is in a unique position to assist with employee development including those employees who are a challenge to manage within the business.

  1. Strategy Development

HR plays a significant role in a business that is expanding or contracting.  The subtle and significant changes within a business during an expansion or contraction phase cause employees to be reactive.  The role of HR is crucial as a communications conduit throughout the process.

  1. Team Effectiveness

Working with both team leaders and the team members is imperative when it comes to addressing effectiveness.  The relevance of HR in this area is focused on having each team member contribute.  Team leader are then able to put into place other features that have the overall team performance improve.

  1. Work Process Redesign

Streamlining or restructuring workplaces is a relatively common practice.  HR is vital in any redesign.  Work roles are redefined, employees are shuffled, this requires a HR person to fulfill as the changes require utilization of several skill areas including individual assessment, training and in some cases redundancy.

Organizational development is a complex area that demands a qualified and experienced HR presence.  Businesses that gloss over the importance of the HR function do not fare as well as those who have invested in it.


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