Vulnerability Creates New Opportunities

There is a lot of buzz these days about allowing yourself to be vulnerable and how that leads to being an authentic self-expression as an individual.  It is useful to unpack vulnerability and how that leads to a more genuine self-expression.

Vulnerability is often misconstrued with weakness, which it is not.  To be vulnerable is to be exposed.  Exposure in and of itself is not a comfortable place to be in.

  1. Being Vulnerable Leads to Being Visible

Personally showing up at business events, with my clients, and generally in life when things are less than ideal is when I am being vulnerable.  Being vulnerable does not mean over sharing or laying out all of life’s details.  Vulnerability is to be open and approachable.  In essence I become visible for the skills and abilities I have.  The result is that I am approached more frequently to offer my services.

  1. Vulnerability Leads to Authenticity

In the past I have taken on clients where I was not in alignment with the product or service being offered.  Those assignments were often fraught with difficulty.  The results were mixed and I was not at my best.  It became clear to me that working within those constraints was inauthentic for me.  Being vulnerable has enhanced my authenticity in that I now accept those assignments where I am aligned with the overall purpose and methods by which the business is conducted.

  1. Vulnerability Leads To Enhanced Engagement

When working with clients and presenting authentically the level of engagement increases dramatically.  The buy in from stakeholders is greater.  Cooperation is heightened.  Employee morale improves.  The project is completed with a sense of purpose and pride.

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