Habits are Necessary for Success

A productivity expert James Clear the author of “Transform your Habits” has an interesting take on success.  While the idea is not new he does put his own spin on forming new habits.  And the value those habits have in bringing about success.

An aspect of forming a habit that resonates with me and others that I know is to continue to do something daily.  A daily practice of writing for example takes hold and it becomes part of your system or routine.

Once a routine of writing is established it actually acts a motivator.  Tracking your progress on a calendar with an X for everyday that you do it is an incentive to keep on.  Having the visual provides the impetus to move forward.

The notion here is to keep going even when you make a mistake or when a day is missed.  Success comes from getting back at it and sticking to it.  The motto for keeping at can be summed up as “do not miss twice”. A consistent commitment will ensure that the body of work you want to accomplish will occur.

How are you at “not missing twice”?

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