Measuring High Potential Employees

All business owners need to be concerned with developing their high potential employees.  The areas that require measurement and tracking are:

  1. Capacity

A key area to focus on for up and comers is self-awareness.  Of crucial importance is the presence of the ability to build relationships at all levels of the organization.  Quick thinking and the ability to learn and maintain information is also necessary.

  1. Experience

Growing as an individual is one thing.  Growing a team is highly valuable.  Beyond that putting in place plans for the development of a number of teams and departments becomes essential.  Having success in this final stage is mandatory for achieving high placement.

  1. Motivation

Desire for career success and attainment is basic to the success of a high potential employee.  People may have the talent and an enviable track record in terms of achievement.  The desire to be a top notch leader must be present for that person to move forward.

Each area is needed for the successful development of the high potential person or people within your business.


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