Change Management is Necessary for Modifications to Take Hold

As a change agent I question that is often asked is “why is change management necessary”?  The answer is found in the reason for the project or change initiative itself.

A project management checklist consists of the following:

  • Project Name
  • Goal – Scope Statement
  • Objectives
  • Constraints
  • Risks
  • Assumptions
  • Estimated Costs
  • Breakdown of Deliverables (Gantt Chart)
  • Tracking Progress (Gantt Chart)
  • Project Closing – Shared & Lessons Learned, Thanks, Final Report, Close Contracts and Accounting Codes

Change management is the necessary piece that integrates the modifications into the business.  The checklist is the doing portion.  Change management is the piece of having the process tweaks to ensure the implementation is used by the organization as a whole.

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