Actions to Take When Networking

Networking events may be challenging or great depending on you.  As an extrovert you may relish the opportunity to meet and be with new people or known acquaintances.  As an introvert they may be a challenge to get through.

Whatever your trait is – the following suggestions will assist you in making the best of a networking opportunity.

  1. Listen intently to the person you are interacting with. Take the opportunity to practice listening with every new person you meet.
  2. Ask open ended questions of the people you meet. Doing so may lead to an in-depth conversation which you and other person are both likely to enjoy.
  3. Focus on the person you are speaking to. It is not the time to be glancing around the room – or fiddling with your phone.
  4. Find a common ground conversation starter with the person you are with (the food at the event, travel, weekend plans are some areas where commonality may be established).
  5. Before moving on to the next person – acknowledge the current person by name and offer an opportunity for a connection point.

Ty these suggestions out and happy networking!

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