Body Language Power Poses

Researcher Amy Cuddy claims power poses work in terms of influencing your thinking and thereby your behaviour patterns.  Working with men and women in a broad cross section of industries, mining, industrial, health care, manufacturing, construction, and various government agencies it has been my observation that they do work.  Further to that they work equally well for both genders.

Women and men who sit huddled at their desks with shoulders hunched in and head bent down do not appear to inspire confidence.  Nor do they appear to inspire collaboration.

On the other had men and women who take up space – stand confidently – arms their sides or on their hips with a solid stance inspire confidence and the desire to work collaboratively with them.

What I have observed suggests that Ms. Cuddy’s research has validity.  That a power poses do influence the thoughts and behaviour of the individual.  Power poses appear to also influence the behaviours of those around them.

Ms. Cuddy suggests that individuals practice power poses for two minutes prior to having an important meeting, discussion, or even job interview.  Her suggestion may have significant merit.  Certainly a two minute time investment is worth trying out to determine the validity of her research.  At the very least you may find your scope of influence at work or in your personal life growing.

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