Focus on your Purpose at Work

It is easy to forget the lofty goals your company or business stands for during the day-to-day operational requirements that we all face.  There is always a process or a checklist or a task that needs to be initiated or completed.  Developing your own inner sense of purpose while at work provides the meaning that we all tend to seek from the ways we make our living.

Ask yourself what you are good at in terms of doing the things that come more easily to you.  Give yourself a pat on the back for taking on those tasks or projects you know that you are best person for.  Pay attention to the outcomes that feel useful and that provide a sense of accomplishment.  Note the work that you are doing now and its future benefit to you in your career or personal life.  Consider the relationships you have at work and the best fit for working partnerships on your projects.

Paying attention to all of the above factors goes a long way to developing a sense of inner purpose at work.  Try – it may be more than just a little illuminating for you.

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