Engaging Leaders When They are Resistant

Working as an agent of change the most common factor that I run into is resistance to change. Not surprisingly it typically comes from the leaders in a group or business.  The issue of resistance is an aspect that receives a lot of attention pointed with an equal amount of recommendations for mitigation.

Here are some of the best tools I found to work with leaders when resistance shows up.

  1. Ask questions that educate. Focus on the questions that will cause the leaders to think differently and to embrace other points of view.
  2. Find out what the pain points are and put processes in place for reduction of those points. Engage leaders in a one-to-one discussion as to what they are feeling.  Ask questions to assist in the identification what is bothering them. Provide support for the leaders to articulate resolution.
  3. Take a stand and be influential not pushy. Suggest options that serve the process and allow the leaders to make the choices as to what action steps they are willing to take.
  4. Model good change leadership to the stakeholders. Ensure that your behavior models good change process. Engage leaders in a feedback process, ensure they agree, and then deliver.

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Solo and Small Biz Change Agent, Marie-Helene Sakowski at info@effectiveplacement.com