Being Present in Your Workplace

Many articles on my social media feeds are focused on being present when you are at work.  Present is being defined as in the moment.  That is not focused on the past or the future.  Sounds simple right?  Staying in the moment is more of a challenge than it appears to be.

Try this exercise for 5 minutes – pay attention to your thoughts.  Are you thinking about what happened at home before you came to work?  That is past based.   Are you thinking about what you need to get done when you get home from work?  That is future based.  Are you thinking about  the task you are working on?  That is being present.  Now pay attention to your thoughts and track for even a minute how long you stay focused on the task at hand.  It may be shorter than you think.  Or you may be one of those exceptional people who is focused and stays with what you are doing for a prolonged period of time.

The practice of staying present to what you are doing is referred to as mindfulness.  It requires practice and patience to develop.  In today’s world the constant buzz of information surrounds us and takes our attention away from what we are doing.

Experts in the field are many and the suggestions offered are variable.  There is one consistency that focuses on having the ability to be present to what you are doing and to respond to what is occurring.  That is quite different from responding to what you are thinking.

Where are you in relation to mindfulness?

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