Volatility is the New Normal

Many business leaders are grappling with the volatility that suggests a new normal in terms of conditions for the foreseeable future.  It seems that we are all of us are dealing with some form of change and for many extreme changes in the business world and in our personal lives.  Disruption is being heralded as the new way forward.  With disruption comes the unknown and an uncertainty of what is to come.

  1. Economic Volatility

The first reason for stating that volatility is the new norm is the unprecedented lack of predictability in terms of the economic times we live in.  It appears we are in a cycle of change and upheaval in terms of jobs, technology, and business operations.  The old rules no longer apply and the new rules if any are not clear.

  1. Expectations for Stellar Performance From Employees

Employees and managers alike are expected to be plugged in and tuned into work for far longer than the standard work day.  The expectation that texts, emails, and posts will be read and responded to after hours, during days off, and during vacation periods is considered by many to be normal.  In the midst of reading, viewing, and responding to the deluge of information employees and managers alike are required to keep up with their day-to-day accountabilities.   Many businesses are noting an increase in the use of employee assistance programs as the stresses of keeping up accountabilities mount.  Concern over what work will look like in the short term while managing constant change are common.

  1. Conflict between Work and Personal Time

The boundary between work and personal time is blurry at best.  The push to achieve and in some cases do more with less has people working later and starting earlier.  Smart phones and tablets are readily given out with the anticipation that availability is ensured on a 24/7 basis.  Commitments to families and partners may be placed behind the demands of the job.

Finding ways to address the new normal is required.  We are in a paradigm shift and it is imperative that as individuals we find ways to unplug and stay focused in what is for the most part largely uncharted territory.

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