To Err is Human – So Be Human

People from all walks of life are apt to be caught up in catastrophizing at some point in time.  Even those of us who think we know better end up doing it often without being conscious of it. Speaking for myself I end up thinking I could have or should have done something differently.  Pretending that what I could have or should have done is not bothering me is counterproductive.

Two methods work when I have erred.  The first focuses on accepting that I made a mistake and to be aware of my inner monologue. Focusing on self-acceptance and allowing my humane side to show through accepting I made a mistake is a far better way to go. Treating myself with respect is essential to saying out of making the situation worse.

The second area that works is to give myself some perspective. I remind myself I am the same person I was yesterday – and that has me level out.  Seeing myself clearly and with compassion allows the human side of me with all of its imperfections to show up without the self-loathing judgement that catastrophizing causes.

What methods work for you when you make a mistake?  Do let me k now as I am genuinely interested.

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