The Best Way to Listen

In a recent article Steve Johnson cites some research done on listening and the best way to do so that actually provides the listener with a surprisingly accurate take on the emotions of the person(s) you are listening to.  The best way to listen and increase you accuracy of reading people’s emotions – close your eyes while listening.  Yes that is the key.  Keeping your eyes closed provides an accurate read of the emotions of those you are listening to.

When I think about it the result is not that startling.  Much of the work I do is over the phone.  My perception of the emotions of others is quite accurate.  When listening without the benefit of seeing the other person your other senses kick in.  Equally important you are not distracted by the visuals around you.

Now I am not recommending that you keep your eyes closed when in communication with someone.  I am suggesting that you give yourself the opportunity to converse with others over the phone or where you have fewer distractions and discover how your listening processes improve.

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