Complaining that Makes a Difference

Walk around the lunchroom or hang around any staff room for a while and listen to the conversation going on. More than likely you will hear bits and pieces of home and family life.  You will also hear more than a bit of complaining going on about the office, the government, the state of the world and so on.  The complaining will like grow in volume and become almost deafening in its intensity at times.  And the outcome of all of that effort and volubility will be nothing.  That is correct zero results will occur.

The scenario described is a common place form of complaining or making a complaint to someone or a group of people where there is no commitment to changing the situation.  I call it the uncommitted complaint.  It passes for general conversation and is made in places where change will not occur.

For change to happen a complaint needs to become what I refer to as the committed complaint.  It is made to someone or a group that has the authority to hear it and actually take corrective action to solve it.

For myself I make it a practice to make committed complaints to the appropriate source.  What is your experience of the complaint process?

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