Be the Leader You Seek

Now not every work place is worth staying in.  Before you throw in the towel and leave focus on the following for a at least 6 months and honestly evaluate changes or lack of changes that occur.

  1. Hold off on leaving until you have been there a few months. Give yourself a chance to get to know the people you are working for and with.
  2. Look at your boss as a person – not the issue or problem – have some empathy.
  3. It that does not work – be the leader you want to have.
  4. If nothing changes and you are sure that quitting is the solution than put your energy into self-development and leave the protesting behind.
  5. Keep yourself grounded and look for the next position that offers greater scope and the prospect of enhanced fulfillment.

Try being the leader you seek.  You may end up in a surprising new employment area.

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