Team, Management & Leadership

In about 2007 or so and since one of the major trends in business has been leadership development. An important trait, however what about the areas of team and management development?  These two areas seem to have been given less attention in the business writings primarily on leadership.

Back in the day I was part of a training program that defined leaders as being the ones who made the call regarding the direction the business was taking.  Managers and by extrapolation – management had at its core the ones who stood for a particular outcome and took it on to have it happen.  Management or managers is where the rubber hit the road so to speak.  Leaders were the ones who said yes we are going in the right direction to accomplish our goals. Or stop we need to change directions because we are down a rabbit hole.

Team is what it took and still takes to have it all come together.  Without teams the accomplishment factor dwindles considerably.

Which of the above areas need to be tweaked in your business?

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