Resistance Factors to Change Management

There are at least dozen factors that cause resistance to change in business and organizations.  I have previously mentioned four.  Here are four more.

Lack of Competence

Change implies new skills – fear of not being able to make the transition causes people to push against the process.

Poor Timing

Planning a change initiative and implementing the process during a period of relative calm is a necessity.   Resistance may occur when changes are introduced at an awkward time.

 The Lack of Reward or Incentive

A plan to address the upside for employees and the gains that will be made is necessary.  Failure to do so is a breeding ground for a lack of motivation for the change itself.

Office Politics

Every organisation has its own share of in-house politics. Employees may resist change as a political strategy to “show or prove” that the change decision is wrong.

What other factors have you come across that indicate resistance to change?

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