Complacency is it stifling your creativity?

This morning – which did you wake up with – a feeling of being ready to go and tackle the list of items to accomplish?  Or – taking my time easing into the day – nothing is pressing it is just another Monday with the usual things going on?  Like many the latter bites me every so often and I notice that I have given a few hours over to being stuck in a complacent rut.

Complacency for me is a mask for fear.  It is surprising the many masks that fears dons especially when I am in the midst of launching a new service or engaging with new clients.  Fear stops me from being creative, from taking the steps that need to be taken, and from being courageous enough to actually launch what I am working on.

Fear has many masks in business.  Another form it takes is in putting off doing what needs to be done.  Yes procrastination is resistance and resistance in turn is fear.

Are you willing to put yourself and your livelihood on the line to face fear directly and take the action you have been avoiding?  If not – why not?  If yes – the courage for doing so will likely provide you with countless new opportunities and unprecedented rewards.

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