Characteristics of Answering Questions Authentically

My trusted Oxford Dictionary defines authentic as reliable, trustworthy and genuine. A common theme in the writing and musings of thought leaders and influencers is the requirement for authenticity. The area of change or as I prefer to call it transition management is full of references ascribing to the need for the trait in communication and practice.

For today the area of authentic communication that is being explored is ways to answer questions authentically. Many times questions asked by employees in businesses are side stepped at best. A straight forward approach is to answer the question asked.  This method is trustworthy.  Another method is to answer a question that you would like to answer. When employing this method it may be seen to be diversionary and may be perceived as not being genuine. A third method for answering a question would be to answer from the point of view of what you know that the other person does not. Answering from this perspective may be best for the business.

Which form of question answering do you employ?

Business Transition Specialist, Marie-Helene Sakowski at