What Calls You into Action?

A recent exploration of tools that purport to assist businesses with cultural development focus on the generally known aspects of having a vision, a strategy for enacting that vision that includes value sharing, and a focus on business goals.  On the surface that appears to be what it takes for employees to take action and live into the ascribed vision and stated goals. For many following the formula is the ticket to “living the dream”.

A deeper dive into the aspects that actually shape behaviour and therefore action points to areas that operate below the surface. The “iceberg” analogy is useful here in that it describes processes operating beneath the surface that shape everyday action at work.  The analogy applies to multi-nationals, not-for-profits, midsized and small businesses.

What truly determines your actions in a work setting has little to do with the words on a wall or the quarterly goals set before you.  Think about what causes you to take a project on or champion a cause.

Additional information on what shapes your actions is forthcoming in future posts.

Business Transition Specialist, Marie-Helene Sakowski at info@effectiveplacement.com