Process versus Goals

A recent article by Ozan Varol advocates focusing on the process and not the goal. After reading the article and thinking about process versus goals – I had to agree with him. Check the link for the article –  via @heleoworld.

I too have become trapped in doing what I love and having it be about page views or social media shares.  Writing is something I truly enjoy and when doing it for the joy of it – it is fulfilling. Doing it to increase my presence in social media it becomes a task that is laced with frustration.

It makes sense to find pleasure and satisfaction in the activity not the outcome.  Searching for shortcuts has not worked for me and has actually resulted in some of my most profound failures.

Open to new ways of addressing life along with the challenges and opportunities it holds – I am choosing to put my focus on and attention on the process and see where it leads me.

Are you willing to a different methodology as well?

Business Transition Specialist, Marie-Helene Sakowski at