Skills Social Science Graduates Have in Spades

It turns out that people with a degree in the Social Sciences may have the right type of soft skills to succeed in areas that are uncertain and murky.  That being the case – here are the soft skills that people with a Social Sciences education tend to have:

  1. Curiosity and willing to try new things.

It is speculated about 70 % of working people want to be told what to do and do that over and over again.  Enter the need for curiosity, and the ability to make up the rules as you along, a strong characteristic of Arts grads.

  1. Decoding or analytic skills.

Unpacking systems and processes are what Arts graduates are generally better at than others.  Using critical thinking skills developed during the degree courses is invaluable in terms of putting all of the puzzle pieces together into a logical framework.  It is also valuable when it comes to unearthing details overlooked by others.

  1. Reading people and communicating.

Having empathy and being able to see people as they are is a skill that Arts graduates have in spades.  Focusing on what others want and need and then being able to communicate that clearly is hugely beneficial.

The Conference Board of Canada has published a recent report ( urging universities and businesses to address career transition challenges faced by Social Science grads.  Businesses that have hired and recognized the unique skills these graduates bring to the table have benefited.

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