April 2018 Newsletter

Achievement Requires Taking a Different Approach

Quote for April 2018 – “I’ve learned that you shouldn’t go through life with a catcher’s mitt on both hands; you need to be able to throw something back.

Maya Angelou







The above quote from Maya Angelou resonates for me right now.  From time-to-time as a consultant I do my fair share of catching everything that comes my way.  That is part and parcel of the business I am in.  However, it is also part of my business to throw things back at my clients.  Failure to do that does not further their business goals or my efficacy in working with them.

Achievement requires that I challenge myself and my clients to focus on human factors that are essential to the successful completion of the process or project underway.  Check out  http://wp.me/p85S0a-bW for the essential areas that need to be brought into the scope of work for alignment and achievement of the project.

I believe that all of us are faced with addressing difficult people or circumstances more often than perhaps we would like to be.  Managing yourself in relation to the difficulty is part and parcel of achievement.  It is crucial at these times to have a few strategies in place that work for you.  Suggestions can be found at http://wp.me/p85S0a-bR.

The other aspect of achievement that has been especially helpful for me has to do with the training I have received as a Social Science Major during my university days.  My studies have enable me to break ground and forge new pathways that are unique.  Read http://wp.me/p85S0a-bF for the identification of some of these strategies.

April Updates

  1. The Leaders Expedition (LEx) Are you interested in taking leadership within your business and community to a whole new level? Details for an informal get together over appetizers and drinks will be coming out during May 2018.
  2. Details for a fall workshop will be forthcoming before the end of June 2018.

As always I am here to work with you for your business and personal benefit.

Human Factors to Manage During Organizational Development & Change

As a Business Transition Consultant I have noticed that there are several human factors that are triggered during an organizational development change process.  Even when the change is seen as positive we as people react and are typically emotional triggered when circumstances are uncertain.

Recognizing that as people we all want to feel the following:

  1. Secure – a sense of knowing that the transition will be okay and that we as individuals will also be okay.
  2. Connected – a sense of being involved and included in the transition process.
  3. Power – to influence the outcome and results of the change.
  4. Order – to have a clear idea of what is happening when within a plan that is consistent and over which the individual has had input.
  5. Competence – knowing our skills and talents are valued and are being utilized effectively.
  6. Fairness – ensuring the end results are equitable and delivered consistently across all lines of the organization and business.

Within an organizational development change initiative it is important to recognize and address the above needs.  This is especially so as change is often non-linear and disruptive.

What change initiatives have you implemented ensuring that several of the human factors noted above have been addressed?  Do let me know I am genuinely interested.

For additional clarity contact me to discuss.

Business Transition Specialist, Marie-Helene Sakowski at info@effectiveplacement.com.

Strategies for Managing Difficult Situations

In the aftermath of tragic circumstances near the community where I live – it seemed appropriate to write about strategies for managing difficult situations or people. Last week a tragic accident claimed the lives of 15 people that were part of a community sports team.  Families have lost children and communities have lost friends.  The current mood is one of grief and sorrow.

Strategies for coping with difficult situations, circumstances or people involve the following:

  1. Identify and use your support network.

Be it a friend, a trusted co-worker, a neighbour, or an EAP counsellor – reach out, connect and share your feelings (if possible) or simply what is occurring to you and around you in the aftermath.  Focus on expressing what you need from the other person.  Examples may be a safe place to share grief, the need for someone to simply listen, or a scheduled break from your usual routine.

  1. Get some sleep.

Self-control, attention, and memory are all reduced when you don’t get enough sleep. Sleep deprivation raises stress hormone levels on its own, even without a stressor present. A good night’s sleep gives you the perspective you need to deal with the situation you are in.

  1. Set boundaries

When you are vulnerable it is important to have boundaries in place.  Take time for yourself to rest and recoup. Avoid as much as possible other scenarios or people that will add to your stress factor. When you have looked after yourself you are in a better position to offer support or request the support you need.

Practicing the above behaviours allows for the relief of stress.

Need greater clarity – contact me to discuss.

Business Transition Specialist, Marie-Helene at info@effectiveplacement.com

Newsletter Update

“Worrying about a problem is not a strategy for change”. 

Jody Williams, Chair Nobel Women’s Initiatives.

Effective Placement Business Transition – March 2018

Spring has arrived and along with the knowledge that warmer weather is on its way, even if it has not yet arrived on our doorstep. The days are clearly longer.  Hopefully productivity is on the increase and plans are unfolding at the correct pace for you and your business.

Company news for Effective Placement is that relocation has occurred.  We are now located in Saskatoon and look forward to serving clients throughout Saskatchewan, Canada, and in other North American locations.

For appointments or meetings Effective Placement will be utilizing the services offered at the Two Twenty Complex located in the thriving area of Riversdale.  Mail will be received at 220A 20th Street West, Saskatoon, SK. S7M 0W9.

That is just the beginning of the transition piece for the business.  Watch for rebranding announcements over the next several months.  I am truly excited about the emergence of new brand and focus for the business and am working with long time colleagues on a redesign of services and material that will be forth coming later in 2018.

In the event you are facing business transitions of your own check out http://wp.me/p85S0a-bd for information on what actually shapes behaviours at work.

Perhaps you are wondering why you may be feeling a tad bit dissatisfied at work when it started off being your dream job. For insights as to why this may be check out http://wp.me/p85S0a-bo.

As a business owner one of the key skills to have requires being able to decline situations or opportunities.  Check out http://wp.me/p85S0a-bo die information as to why it is beneficial to develop this capacity.


March Updates

  1. Power of an Unstoppable Woman – Saskatoon – April 15, 2018 – is cancelled. Rose will be having workshops in other locations. Kindly check her website for locations and dates that work for you – https://drrosebackman.com/events.


  1. The Leaders Expedition (LEx) Are you interested in taking leadership within your business and community to a whole new level? Let’s talk about the possibilities for your community!

As always I am here to work with you and your business requirements that lead to your ultimate benefit.