Human Factors to Manage During Organizational Development & Change

As a Business Transition Consultant I have noticed that there are several human factors that are triggered during an organizational development change process.  Even when the change is seen as positive we as people react and are typically emotional triggered when circumstances are uncertain.

Recognizing that as people we all want to feel the following:

  1. Secure – a sense of knowing that the transition will be okay and that we as individuals will also be okay.
  2. Connected – a sense of being involved and included in the transition process.
  3. Power – to influence the outcome and results of the change.
  4. Order – to have a clear idea of what is happening when within a plan that is consistent and over which the individual has had input.
  5. Competence – knowing our skills and talents are valued and are being utilized effectively.
  6. Fairness – ensuring the end results are equitable and delivered consistently across all lines of the organization and business.

Within an organizational development change initiative it is important to recognize and address the above needs.  This is especially so as change is often non-linear and disruptive.

What change initiatives have you implemented ensuring that several of the human factors noted above have been addressed?  Do let me know I am genuinely interested.

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