10 Leadership Competencies

The list presented is far from exhaustive.  It also builds on having core soft skills in place.  On review which competencies are your strong suits?  From that, which are the ones that can be improved upon?  Lastly what would add or take away from the list?

  1. Social Intelligence – Sensitivity to social situations.
  2. Interpersonal Skills – The phrase “soft skills” is representative of having interpersonal skills.
  3. Emotional Intelligence – Having emotional intelligence includes paying attention to nonverbal cues.
  4. Prudence – Prudence is being able to see others’ perspectives.
  5. Courage – Standing firm in your principles especially in the face of opposition or criticism.
  6. Conflict Management – Working with those in conflict to develop collaborative solutions.
  7. Decision Making – Leaders understand when to consult with the larger team.
  8. Political Skills – An effective leader is a good political player.
  9. Influence Skills – As a leader having mastery in terms of influencing others is necessary.
  10. Area Competence – It is important that you add to the competency level of the enterprise.

Business Transition Strategist, Marie-Helene Sakowski at info@effectiveplacement.com