Worry at Work over Changes



“Worrying about a problem is not a strategy for change”.   Jody Williams, Chair Nobel Women’s Initiatives.

The above quotation describes how many of us address change whether that be consciously or not.  In this age of rapid technological advancement change is being thrust upon us in our work environments with unrelenting rapidity.

I read an article by John Breakey regarding the reasons for employees resisting change.  He suggests employees face as many 30 changes in a year in their workplaces.  That number in and of itself is overwhelming.

Think about it.  The expectation is that employees keep up with their workload and master 30 changes under tight timeframes.

It is no wonder that worry tends to be a predominate factor in change initiatives.  There are a few solutions to assist with managing the changes so that worry is lessened and productivity and accomplishment thrive.

Stay tuned for more in the next few info bites on managing change.

Business Change & Transition Strategist – Marie-Helene Sakowski, info@effectiveplacement.com