Managing Change Processes at Work




The rapid advancement of technology coupled with fast paced lives provides the framework for a go-go culture.  Working these days means keeping up with your day-to-day accountabilities while also trying to keep pace with the demands made by the company or business leadership to implement process or business improvements.

Just writing this has feelings of overwhelm and worry surface.  Suggestions for managing numerous change processes while decreasing stress and maintaining productivity include:

  • Teaching and learning in small bite sized chunks of 5 to 10-minute segments so that you can digest the information. Most of us can cope with a 10-minute session.
  • Assist with memory retention by having a series of quizzes over a 4-week period. That will help retain the information and avoid the pitfall of forgetting 70 – 80 % of what you have learned over the same time frame.

Stay tuned for more suggestions to address overwhelm and worry when it comes to change process.

Business Change & Transition Strategist – Marie-Helene Sakowski,