Phrases That Impact our Lives & Give Away Power

Man or woman the way we speak impacts our lives. Words do have power. Check out the following 3 phrases that are dis-empowering.

  1. I’m Sorry

A confident person readily admits when they have made a mistake and apologies when appropriate.  The phrase “I am sorry” implies feelings of not being adequate or inferior. Carefully consider if you have done something inappropriate or wrong. Chances are you have not.

  1. I’m Worried

Over use of the phrase indicates a focus on what may never happen at best and at worst a focus on the catastrophic for little or no apparent reason.  Worry is an indication of focusing on negative outcomes without provocation.

  1. I Hate to Bother You…

When you use this phrase you give away your power to another person.  You let someone else have control.

Commit to becoming the driver—rather than the passenger—in your life. Decide that you’re going to be in control of how you think, feel, and behave regardless of the situation you find yourself in.  For suggestions on doing that join us Sunday, Oct 28/18 in Saskatoon for “Harness Your Power”. Details at

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