Video Messaging – Is your target Audience Watching

Personally, I am inundated with videos from people I follow on social media. The implied request is to  watch videos about their program or product or those who are offering suggestions and advise as to how to succeed etc. Today I decided to carry out a little experiment on 3 social media platforms LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

Without going through my entire feed on any of the platforms I found the following:


  • LinkedIn – a total of 60 minutes in videos on services offers, personal musings, data management, products, and Q & A’s.
  • Facebook – 30 minutes from people selling the benefits of their product or service.
  • Instagram – 15 minutes of people selling products or services.

95 minutes of implied video requests in a 120 minute time period.  That is a significant chunk of time in any business persons day.

The question I have is – do you take time from your day to watch videos about products or services?  Do participate in Facebook live during the day?  If yes – what do you do to make up the time?

Business Change & Transition Specialist, Marie-Helene Sakowski at