Signs of Influence at Work

Personal attitude and behavior are the platform for influence.  Being approachable and listening to employees at every level of the organization is vital to having influence.

Continuing to be approachable. Maintaining your listening skills and requesting suggestions from those working in the front lines is invaluable.  The crucial aspect of having influence is in engaging those around you and in implementing their best suggestions for change.

Requesting feedback from employees. When you request constructive feedback from employees you are opening yourself to a degree of criticism.  You are also opening yourself to receiving feedback that assists in confirming and enhancing the degree of influence you have.

Increased cooperation for change and new initiatives. When those employees who report to you and colleagues rally around you to cooperate, champion, and assist whole heartedly with the implementation of your programs or projects you can clearly see the evidence of being influential.

To maintain the momentum that has started ensure your behavior and attitude are consistent and that you are open to receive feedback from those around you.

Business Change & Transition, Marie-Helene Sakowski at