Technique May Increase Creativity

Being fully present when you are interacting with someone is considered to be crucial. The question remains how to best do that.

A simple technique to stay and be present is also useful in instilling calmness. The technique – are you ready for it? It is breathing.  Yes breathing. Take a breath to focus yourself on the person in front of you.  Keep breathing and you are likely to feel a calmness settle in over you as well. The technique is known as mindfulness.

Once you are calm you may be surprised to note that creativity is also present. A solution to that problem or puzzle at work that has been on the back burner may suddenly come to you. Or that creative idea for a new project or program suddenly comes into pace.

Breathing regularly and staying present may allow you to conduct your day-to-day business with less stress. The fight or flight syndrome will certainly lessen. That in and of itself is a game changer. Try consciously breathing during interactions with co-workers, colleagues, and competitors.  After all what is there to lose expect stress!

Business Change & Transition Specialist, Marie-Helene Sakowski at