Behaviours That Have You Be Accountable & Responsive

All of us earn our good reputations by excelling at what we do. Personal mastery is necessary to set yourself apart from others. A few pointers on achieving the best version of you follow.

  1. Understand That Things Go Wrong

You can do all you can to succeed and plan every meticulous detail of a project or change, but things go wrong and mistakes happen. Be calm and stay focused when that happens.

  1. Leave “Over Thinking” Behind

Be sure of yourself to avoid over-analyzing a situation. Trust your own experience and feelings to see you through and move forward. 

  1. Take Responsibility

Everyone makes mistakes. Acknowledges the mistake and take ownership. That means doing so even when another member of you team is involved in the situation. Address what needs to be done differently and implement the correction for a solution as soon as possible

  1. Be Yourself

The best part about you is that you are original and therefore you should use this to your advantage and stop trying to be anyone else.

  1. Value Simplicity

It is easy to over-complicate things and lose sight of what you are trying to achieve. Do the basics well. Refer to the project or change objectives frequently to stay on task and on track.

Business Consultant – Change & Transformation, Marie-Helene Sakowski,