Engage People in Change

Where ever you work there is a workplace culture.  It is the framework that hampers change management because it is viewed to be necessary for consistency in day-to-day operations. What happens when what is defined as consistent no longer serves the business? Some form of stagnation is a result. Stagnation becomes the stumbling block for change to occur.

As a Consultant questioning assumptions, behaviors, beliefs and processes is second nature. Finding a way to engage your clients is imperative.

  1. Address what is actual current in the operation of the business.
  2. Bring measurement tools to the forefront.
  3. Work within the sphere of influence you have.
  4. Ensure your champion for the process is well informed.
  5. Be diplomatic.
  6. Speak to your audience in the manner they understand.

Changes occur with action. Build on your wins and take the time to celebrate each of your successes along the way.

Business Consultant – Change & Transition, Marie-Helene Sakowski at info@effectiveplacement.com