Leadership & Cultural Change

As a leader in your business you may be faced with having to address the aspect of cultural change or transformation. You may have come to the realization that the lack of stimulating discussion on several areas of crucial importance to the business is not occurring.

Overcoming the tendency to think that a lack of discussion means that there is consensus is a key first step in recognizing that change is necessary.  Consensus is often an overlooked flag when it comes to making and taking the tough decisions that spur an organizational cultural revamp.

Consensus decision making is a useful process when it reflects active and spirited discussion.  When that is missing it indicates it may indicate that employees are simply going along with a process and are not fully engaged or supportive of what is being implemented.

When teams are avoiding disagreeing it is an additional flag that the risks involved are not being addressed. The failure of an implementation may be because a decision was made by a team or group that was not willing to challenge the process.

What action have you as a leader taken to encourage discussion and disagreement in your business?

Marie-Helene Sakowski – Business Consultant – Change & Transition, info@effectiveplacement.com.